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MagicDemon / Nov 20, 2013
As you know, we currently have a Tier 2 Citadel. This is a layout of things required for Tier 3, as well as what we'll need to do once we get there.

Resources(+Upkeep) to Reach T3:
  • 17500 (+4550) Timber
  • 15000 (+300) Stone

Note: This is only including one week's upkeep. If it stretches to more than one week, the (+)'s will double, triple, etc accordingly.

Once we reach a Tier 3 Citadel, a lot of work will begin. We'll need to upgrade the Mining & Woodcutting plots we already have, upgrade the Battlefield and Storehouse, plus upgrade through to Tier 3 of a Firemaking plot and a Smithing plot.

    For a full Tier 3 Upkeep, each week we'll need:
  • 4210 Timber
  • 3640 Stone
  • 220 Metal Bars

That's roughly 6 members' resource caps per week at Tier 3 (You get 1,400 at that Tier with Tier 3 Storehouse)

If we play our cards right, this shouldn't be hard to do, with the ability to lock the plots at their minimum requirements the way we've done so far. We'll likely have a meeting next weekend before the tick rolls over, to see how everyone would like to proceed.
MagicDemon / Nov 20, 2013
Apart from some odds and ends, we now have a complete Tier 2 Citadel. This is wonderful news, considering it means we can now move onward to Tier 3!

As for right now, the Citadel is merely in a sort of "Upkeep Mode," wherein we only really need to meet upkeep and keep the Tier from dilapidation. This is only to give everyone a breather for a bit before we begin the journey into Tier 3. The higher Tier will mean we'll require work from everyone in order to maintain it, so we're looking into getting more people on board as well.

If you have the ability to recruit, please do so whenever you see fit. Remember, we don't mind who you recruit, but please try to keep it to people that will actually do Citadel work and not just be in the clan merely to exist! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to drop a line or two below, or post in the Forum.
MagicDemon / Nov 07, 2013
1 Bond
1,000,000 GP
2 prizes of 500,000 GP
2 prizes of 200,000 GP
500 Cooked Rocktail
5,000 Maple Shieldbow (u)
5,000 Buckets of Sand
10,000 Maple Logs

There may be more prizes added as we get closer to the date of the meeting. If there aren't enough people in attendance for all the prizes to be won, a second draw will take place immediately following the first. You do not need to be online for the draw, but you MUST attend at least one of the two meetings in order to receive an entry to the drawing.

See the Event Calendar, or click here for the Meeting details.